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  The museum in Lafayette is open 10 to 4, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. 

The Heritage Center is open Saturday 10 to 3



Thanks to our volunteers who attended Volunteer Appreciation Night on May 12.  We thank you and the many others who help make the Yamhill County Historical Society a place where “history comes alive!”    VolunteerAppreciation2015.jpg 





A collection of military items from the Civil War through World War II are on display through July 4 at the Yamhill Valley Heritage Center, at 11275 SW Durham Lane, McMinnville.   The display includes:

  • Newspapers, letters and postcards  (one of the newspapers “The Daily Citizen” published on July 2, 1863, is printed on wall paper)
  • Uniforms and helmets
  • “Nose art” painted by Fred Hayner, a friend of YCHS member Theresa Berthelsdorf’s late husband, Richard.   Fred served in England during WWII and was the painter for he and Richard’s  squadron of P-51s and P-38s.  Fred was known as “Hayner the Painter”.   Fred would paint some of Richard’s P-51 parts for him using the images he painted during the war.
  • Horsedrawn equipment from this period of time, including a hearse manufactured in 1900 by the United States Carriage Co., monument style with 8 Corinthian columns, and full-size replica of a military caisson (used for funerals in the East)





Heritage Bricks and the Flag Monument

Imagine a new brick pathway inviting visitors to the Yamhill Valley Heritage Center. Your name, your family's name, or an honored loved one's name can become a part of Yamhill County history. These engraved Heritage Bricks will be incorporated into various architectural projects, such as walkways, walls, and the base of a flag pole already erected at the Heritage Center. For a donation of $100, your brick will be engraved to your specifications and become a permanent part of the Heritage Center, creating an amazing tribute to our ancestors, town fathers, loved ones and Yamhill County families. With your donations, you partner with us in building the future of our society. See the Order Form for details.





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