A Letter From Your President, Jack Maxwell III

The past is etched in stone for all time. It cannot be changed, persuaded, or manipulated.
That is the power that history has. However, although it remains forever it can still be forgotten.
My wife takes photos of everything and it drives our kids crazy. One day my son,
frustrated and embarrassed because his friends may be watching asked her, “why do you
always do this?!” She responded, “TO REMEMBER.” The power of a photo is incredible
as it has the power to take you right back to that moment no matter how long ago it was.
An opportunity to relive that very moment. The greatest thing about a memory is that it is
unique to each individual, so it is important that we share our history.

The Yamhill County Historical Society creates the opportunity to remember by celebrating our history as a community.

We are a volunteer driven non-profit organization that needs your help. If you believe
you have skills that our membership can benefit from, I invite you to contact us and get
involved. I joined the board to help our community but quickly found that I was the one
benefitting by this amazing organization. Playing as 2 nd base and back up pitcher for our
Vintage Base Ball team sparked something within me and I just knew I wanted to get
more involved.

I am honored to serve you as your President and look forward to the history we create together.

Jack Maxwell III | President 2020
Yamhill County Historical Society