An index to historical articles in the Yamhill County Historical Society newsletters 1973-2009. Newsletters can be viewed at our Research Library or online



Jan. “Yamhill County Post Offices Past and Present”—Albright


Feb. “Post Offices” (cont)

Mar. “Yamhill Falls O.T.”— Ruth Stoller

Apr.  “Samuel Laughlin” — Ruth Stoller

May  Stations West— Book. Culp

Sept. “Rosewood Piano”— Roma Sitton

Dec. “Wheatland” — Albright



Jan. “Dayton Sheridan Narrow Gauge-Serious Railroad Disaster”

Feb. Lafayette— 1883- Abigail Scott Dunaway ?

Fire — Albright

Cash Register— Hamlin & Wheeler

Nov. “McMinnville Grist Mill”— Ruth Stoller

Dec. “B.B. Branson” — Pioneer 1848- Ruth Stoller



Jan. “Dayton Evaporating Company”

Mar. “Yamhill County’s First Grist Mill”

Feb. “Dolph”- Albright

Mar. “McMinnville 100 years ago”— Ruth Stoller

May “More on Dolph”-Luther Huffman

Nov. (same article as Feb. 1974)

Dec. “Kay & Todd Clothiers and Taylors”— Ruth Stoller

Crawford — Albright



Jan. “Yamhill County in 1916” — Ruth Stoller

Feb. “Star Flowering Mill”— Ruth Stoller

Sept. Yamhill Pioneer Association— Ruth Stoller

Oct. “Oregon Territorial Post Office— Mt. Hood”— Ruth Stoller

Nov. “Founding of McMinnville”— Sebastian C. Adams

Dec. “Founding of McMinnville” (Cont.)— Sebastian C. Adams



Jan. “Recollections of a Pioneer— Founding of McMinnville”— S.C. Adams

Feb. “Early Yamhill County Place Names” — Ruth Stoller

Mar.  “Early Yamhill County Place Names (cont) Bean’s Hole”

April “Early Yamhill County Place Names — Salt Spring Valley”

May.  “Public School Beginnings in Yamhill County”— Ruth Stoller

Nov. “Garrison Families Beginning in Yamhill County”— Ruth Stoller

Dec. “Oldest Record of Christmas Trees” –Roma Sitton

“School meeting of District 40 1874”— Yamhill Reporter



Feb. “Lien placed on District #14 Yamhill County”

Mar. “First Saw Mill in Oregon— Chehalem Creek Yamhill County”—Ruth Stoller

Apr.  “Harvey Scott”— Ruth Stoller

May.  “Beehive School #58— Weekly Visitor”— Ruth Stoller

Sept. “Reunion— Students and Teachers— Willamina area”— Ruth Stoller

Oct.  “Bellevue— School records” — Ruth Stoller

Nov.  “District #7 Bridwell School”— Ruth Stoller

“Charter members and officers”

“Old Poling Memorial Church”— Elaine Rohse

Dec. “Christmas Yamhill County 1851”— Lafayette Correspondent



Jan. “Early History of Grand Island”

Mar. “Bellevue The Muddy Post Office and District #24”— Ruth Stoller

Apr.  “Notebooks of school children in Yamhill County: 1905 LC Fair”— Robert Durst

May “Districts in Grand Ronde area”

Sept. “Essay Old Yamhill—Weekly Visitor Lafayette— last edition”

Nov.  “School District #86”

Dec. “Fairview Academy N. Yamhill 1871”— Ruth Stoller



Jan. “Last remaining Survivors of Wagon train of 1843”

Feb. “Lillian Bewley— Sheridan”

Mar.  “Consolidation of Amity School District”

Apr.  “Mountain House— Carlton’

Sept. “Oldest remaining original building within limits of Oregon survey”

Oct.  “Old pictures, Care of Traveling Photographer”

Nov.  “Old pictures, Care of Traveling Photographer”



Jan. “An interview with Ann Malone Savage”

Feb. “Road Reviewers Report: Smiths Bridge to Rocky Fort- 1864”

Mar.  “Mrs William Murry Spencer”

Apr.  “Location of Post Office— Thomas Baily— Yamhill”

May  “Old Newspapers”

Oct.  “First Grist Mill in Newberg Dundee area”

Nov. “Comparative Cost of Living — 1870—1913”

Dec. “Diary of Melissa Ellen Payne”



Jan. “Diary of Melissa Ellen Payne” (cont)

Feb. Willamette Past Flood

Mar. “Diary of Melissa Ellen Payne”(cont) 

Apr. “Diary of Melissa Ellen Payne”(cont) 

May “Diary of Melissa Ellen Payne”(cont) 

Sept. “Hospital for County”

Oct.  “McMinnville Community Hospital”

Nov.  “McMinnville Community Hospital (cont)”

Dec.  “Bigfoot”



Feb.  “Helen Webb‘s correction and additions to School Pictures, Schools of Old Yamhill”

Mar.  “Cattle starving in Yamhill County—Barns fall down—1916”

Apr.  “Letter Adeline Smith to sister”— Original OHS

May “John Brown Diaries — Rex Hill OHS 1859—1865”

Oct.  “Corrections and additions to Schools of Old Yamhill”   Orville Whitman

Nov. “The raising of Peaches in Yamhill County”



Feb. “Winter of 1844-45 in Oregon” — James Clyman

Mar. “The Richard Williams family”

Apr. “The Richard Williams family (cont)”

May “The Richard Williams family (cont)”

Sept. “Excerpts from Reminiscences of James Sharp: Crossed Plains in 1852”–Ruth Stoller

Oct.  “James Sharp (cont)”

Nov.  “W.H. Hembree”

Dec.  “W.H. Hembree (cont)”



Jan. “Blue Bucket Mine” — W.H. Hembree

Feb. “A.R. Burbank Diaries”— Ruth Stoller

Mar.  “A.R. Burbank Diaries”— Ruth Stoller (cont)

Apr.  “Pioneer Days of W.L. Toney”

May  “ Pioneer Days of W.L. Toney (cont)”

Sept. “The First Soldiers in Ore.” Toney’s little notebook

Oct. “The First Soldiers in Ore. (cont)”

Nov. “The First Soldiers in Ore. (cont)”



Jan. “Speech by Ellen Chamberlin at Yamhill County Pioneer Meeting 1914”

Feb. “Chamberlin Speech 1914 (cont)”

Mar.  “Chamberlin Speech 1914 (cont)”

Apr.  “Chamberlin Speech 1914 (cont)”

May  “Chamberlin Speech 1914 (cont)”

Sept. “John Brisbane”

Oct.  “Dayton Fire”

Nov. “Disastrous fire— North Yamhill”

Dec. “Daily Newspapers in McMinnville”



Jan.  “Early History of McMinnville”

Feb.  “Early History of McMinnville (cont)”

Mar.  “Letter to J.A. Richardson Re: Plans to travel from Nebraska to Oregon”

Apr.  “Letter to J.A. Richardson (cont)”

May  “Taking up of Old Narrow Gauge — Portland—Dayton”

Oct.  “Arthur Layman— Lafayette

Nov. “1865 Census” Charles Handley

Dec. “A trip to Tillamook”



Feb. “A trip to Tillamook (cont)”

Mar. “Yamhill county Post Offices”

Apr. “Roy Hanville and his mail route east of Newberg”

May “Roy Hanville mail route (cont)”

Sept. “On the Road Again”

Oct. “On the Road Again (cont)”

Nov. “On the Road Again (cont)”

Dec. “Forest Fires”



Jan. “Americans All”— Daniel Poling— Lafayette Ruth Stoller

Feb. ”Reminiscence of Fred Trullinger” (post office) contributed-Robert Kuykendall

Mar. ”Reminiscence cont.

Apr. “Reminiscence concluded

May “In the Stagecoach Packhorse Mail Days of 1897-Yamhill Route To Tillamook” – Helen Moe

Sept. “In the Stagecoach Packhorse Mail Days— Cont.

Oct. “In the Stagecoach Packhorse Mail Days— Conclusion

Nov. ”Trip to the Beach— Banks Family” date unknown Salmon River Cutoff.

Dec. “Trip to the Beach- Banks Family” Cont.



Jan. ”Greetings from your President” Maxine Williams

Feb.  “A Trip to the Beach— Dolph and Hebo” — Harry Cronise

“McMinnville Grist Mill”— Ruth Stoller 

Mar. “Early Oregon Sawmills”— Wm. M. Perry

Apr. “Notes by the Way”— Trip to Dayton, Lafayette, McMinnville—Rev. Starr 1865.

May ”Notes by the Way” cont “Lafayette Hosts New Oak Tree”

Sept. “Locks Completed”

Oct. ”The Hanna Family — Memories of Oregon— 1873” Jennie Crawford Heft

Nov.  ” The Hanna Family”—(cont)

Dec. “The Hanna Family” (conclusion)



Jan. “Diary of a Young College Student” — Ruth Stoller

Feb.  “Jennie Crawford Hefty’s Memories” — Ruth Stoller

Mar. “Pacific Coast Business Directory of 1867”

Apr. ”Pacific Coast Business Directory” Cont.

May “Pacific Coast Business Directory” Conclusion

Sept. “60 years ago — Yamhill County Newspaper — 1883”.

Oct. “Cove Orchard’s Mysterious Sinkhole”.

Nov. “Lafayette Journals — by A.R. Burbank”

Dec. “Building of First Market Road — #1— Telephone Register



Jan. “Building of Market Road #1” Conclusion

Feb.  “Cove Orchard Sink Hole”— George Williams

Mar. “Yamhill County Locks” — Evert Wise

Apr.  “The Sheridan Flume” – Mrs. Larry Rick

May ”The Sheridan Flume” — Cont.

Sept. “The Sheridan Flume” — Conclusion

Oct. “Letter from John Ward in Lafayette in 1850 to his Family in the

Nov. “Letter From John Ward— Cont.

Dec. “Another Letter East from John Ward”



Jan. “Another Letter from John Ward”

Feb.  “Another Letter from John Ward.”

Mar. “The 1861—62 Day Book from Sawmill in Pike Area.” Helen Webb—Greg Robins

Apr. “Packing for Oregon— from Journal of Keturah Belnap— 1848”

May “McMinnville and Yamhill County about 1910″

Sep.  “Football— 1904— Diary of Genie Smelling.”

Oct.“Black Walnut Trees in Oregon”. George Williams

Nov.“McMinnville and Yamhill County About 1910”.

Dec. “Early Day McMinnville” Julie Lee Johnson Ramsey



Jan. “Early Day McMinnville”. — Julie Lee Johnson Ramsey

Feb. “Henry Billick’s Dundee”.

Mar. “Henry Billik’s Dundee — Cont.

Apr. “Charter Members of Yamhill County — in Order of Registration”

May “More Billick History”.

Sum.  “Ruth Stoller”.

Oct. “A Cruise on the Willamette— 1856” Dr. Rodney Glisan

Nov. “Jas. F. Bewly Shot.” “Fatal Enforcement of a Quarantine”—West 5

Dec.  “Light and Water for Dayton”



Jan.  “1871 Yamhill County as seen by an Ambitious Editor”—Editor Wes

Feb.  “1871 Yamhill County — Part 2”

Mar.  “Committee Members.”

Apr.  “Items from Front Page of Dayton Herald —1895—96—97—98”.

May “McMinnville Villainized” — John White as from 1896 paper

Sum. “Underdrainage Called For” and “A Live Merchant” — Editorials from McMinnville Daily Reporter

Oct. ”Fairdale and R.F.D.Mail” North Yamhill Record 1902

Nov. “Musings About Mina Redmond”

Dec.“Secret Life of a Dundee Farmer”. John White


Newsletter Name Changed to “West Side” — Editor John White



Jan. ”What’s in a Name?” Post Office Site Quiz

Feb. “Answers to Post Office Quiz.”

Mar.  “The Scent of Reform — Solomon Berry— 1870”.

Apr. “News of the County— April 1896”.

May “The Great McMinnville Jail Break”.

Aug. “Newberg’s First Annual Berry Festival “

Sept.  “Milestone for Roma Sitton”.

Oct. “The Ghost of Alec’s Butte”.

Nov.  “Squaring Up the Ballot Box”.

Dec.  “For Whom the Bells Toll—Summary of Tours—Historic Homes”



Jan.  “The Red Electric — Ahead of its Time”.

Feb.  “Enforcing McMinnville’s Temperance Ordinance”.’

Mar.  “Dayton’s Gold Nuggets “.

Apr.  “Some Hot Times in Old Sheridan “.

May  “The Shape We Are in and How We Got This Way ”.

Sum.  ”Moving the Mail—1851″

Sept.  “A Brief History of Yamhill County Courthouse “.

Oct.  “Courthouse Moved to McMinnville” — Dan Linscheid

Nov.  ”John R. McBride — The Damned Yamhill Republican”‘

Dec.  “Harvest Festival”



Jan. ”The Yamhill Coal Mine”— John White

Feb.  “The Controversial Evangelist — L.T. Nichols” — John White

Mar. ”Levi T. Davis— The Man and His Machine” — John White

Apr.  ”The ‘Yam—Hill’ Settler Writes to New York”—John White Part One

May ”The ‘Yam—Hill’ Settler Writes to New York”-John White Part two

Sum.  ”Royal Accommodations”—John White

Sept. “A Failed Bank Robbery at Newberg” by John White

Oct. “Residents Needed a Map in 1928 McMinnville” By John White 

Nov. “Harvest Festival”

Dec. “A Place Called Ekins” By John White 



Jan.   “Random Clippings From the Past” Compiled by John White 

Feb. “The Peoples Protective Transportation Co.”  by John White 

Mar. “The Yamhill Campus of Bishop Scott Academy” by John White 

Apr. “The Murder Trial of Joseph Coxon” By John White 

May  “More Clippings From the Past” Compiled by John White 

Sum. “U.S. National Bank of McMinnville “National Currency” by John White

Sept.  “McMinnville Copes with Smallpox in 1888” By John White 

Oct.   “A Famous Tent Show Visits Yamhill County in 1912”  by John White 

Nov.  “Harvest Festival”

Dec. “The Oregon Pioneers Christmas” – by Jim Lockett 



Jan. “The Historical Geology of Yamhill County” By Jim Lockett 

Feb.  “Samuel (Uncle Sam) Cozine (1820-1897)”

Mar.  “The Role of Minorities in settling the Land of Promise” by Jim Lockett 

Apr.   “The Dayton, Sheridan & Grand Ronde Railroad Co.” by Jim Lockett

May   “Mary Louise Kaiser Hess” Jim Lockett

Sum.  “Colonel Jacob C. Cooper” by Jim Lockett 

Sept.  “George Gay and His Brick House” By Jim Lockett 

Oct.    “Joel Perkins, Founder of Lafayette” By Jim Lockett 

Nov.    “Aviation Pioneers of Yamhill County” By Jim Lockett 

Dec.    “A Christmas with the Sager Children” By Jim Lockett 



Jan.  “Early River Transportation Part I” By Jim Lockett 

Feb.  “Early River Transportation Part II” By Jim Lockett 

Mar.  “The Great Cattle Drive” By Jim Lockett 

Apr. “Yamhill County’s First Official Explorer—Lt Charles Wilkes” By Jim Lockett 

May “The Joseph Watt Saga” By Jim Lockett 

Sum.  “Early Bridges of Yamhill County” By Dan Linscheid 

Sept.   No title for article

Oct.  “Absalom Hembree, Indian War Hero” By Jim Locket

Nov.  “Joel Palmer—Emigrant and Indian Agent” By Jim Lockett 

Dec.   “A Thanksgiving Thought” By Jim Lockett and others 



Jan.  “Judge Matthew Deady Shaped Oregon Law” By Jim Lockett 

Feb.  “Oregon’s Pathfinder for Women”  By Jim Lockett 

Mar.  “The Amazing Louis La Bonte” By Jim Lockett 

Apr.  “Early Yamhill County Transportation” By Jim Lockett 

Sum. “Emigrant Woman Survives Terrible Trip” By Jim Lockett 

Sept.  “Joel Hembree Goes West” by Jim Lockett

Oct    “William Lysander Adams” by Jim Lockett 

Nov.  “Nathan Koonts (Doc) Sitton” by Jim Lockett

Dec. “Origins of the Yamhill County Historical Society” By Dorothy Gunness 



Jan.  “Jesse Edwards of Newberg” By Dan Linscheid 

Feb. “The Indian Situation” By Jim Lockett 

Mar.  “Dr. E.E. Goucher” By Dan Linscheid

Apr.  “Albert Alderman” by Jim Lockett 

May  “Wilson Carl Inadvertently Starts Town of Carlton” by Jim Lockett 

Sept. “The Origins of Highway” 18 By Dan Linscheid 

Oct.   “David Ramsey”  by Jim and Reita Lockett 

Nov.   “Wheat Harvest, Oregon Pioneer Style” by Jim and Reita Lockett

Dec.   “Garrisons Bring Love of Preaching to Oregon”



Jan.  “Henry H. Hewitt” by Jim and Reita Lockett

Feb.  “The Yamhill County Turkey Story ” by Barbara Doyle 

Mar.  “The Yamhill County Turkey Story”  by Barbara Doyle 

Apr.  “Ewing Young”  By Jim Lockett 

May “New Facility Planning”

Sept.  “News from the Past (Telephone-Register 1894)”

Oct.  “Sheridan—A Family Affair” By Jim Lockett 

Nov.  “Trouble on the Yamhill River” by Jim Lockett 

Dec.  “Uncle John Baker Shaped Oregon Government, Justice And Education”  by Jim Lockett 



Jan.  “Another Mountain Man-William Doughty ” Dan Linscheid 

Feb.  “The Founding of Dayton” By Dan Linscheid

Mar.  “Levi Lindsay Rowland Pioneer Oregon Preacher and Educator” By Jim Lockett

Apr.   “Glen Owen Burnett, Pioneer Preacher And School Builder” By Jim Lockett

May  “The Prehistoric Willamette Valley” By Jim Lockett

Sum.  “Father Crockett’s Places of Worship” By Father Martinus

Sept.  “Jacob Hawn, Millwright” by Jim Lockett 

Oct.  “Henry W. Lever-Early Linfield Coach” Tim Marsh

Nov.  “The Old Kinney Mill Stone” By Lila Jackson 

Dec.  “Jacob Hawn, Millwright” by Jim Lockett 



Jan.  “Yamhill County Necktie Parties” By Dan Linscheid

Feb.  “Yamhill County Gets A Railroad” by Jim Lockett

Mar.  “Carlton, Oregon- The Logging Center of the State” -By Jim Lockett

Apr.  “Downtowns of Old Burned Often” By Jim Lockett

May  “Harvey W. Scott” By Jim Lockett

Sum. “Yamhill County Parks ” By Jim Lockett

Sept.  “Water and electricity come to McMinnville” By Dan Linscheid 

Oct.   “The Railroad comes to Yamhill County” By Jim Lockett 

Nov.   “Thomas Crawford McBride” By Jim Lockett

Dec.   “Tragic Events at Fort Yamhill” By Dan Linscheid



Jan. “50 Years of Preserving our Treasured Past and A Look to the Future” By Katherine Huit 

Feb.  “Gopher Valley” By Dan Linscheid 

Mar.  “Welcome to the Hotel Oregon” By Katherine Huit 

Apr.   “Directors Log”  By Katherine Huit 

May   “Directors Log”  By Katherine Huit 

Sum.  “History of Moores Valley”  By Nancy Thornton

Sept.  “General Phillip Henry Sheridan” By Sue Sherman

Oct.   “General Phillip Henry Sheridan, Part 2” By Sue Sherman

Nov.  “Newberg Church Uncovers Link to Its Past” By Patricia J. Ridenour

Dec.  “Directors Log”  By Katherine Huit 



Jan. “General Phillip Henry Sheridan, Part III: The Pre-Civil War Years” By Sue Sherman 

Feb.  “General Phillip Henry Sheridan, Part IV: The Civil War” By Sue Sherman

Mar.  “Pioneers of Lower Panther Creek” By Nancy Thornton 

Apr.   “Sheridan – The Years After the War” By Sue Sherman  

May “Yamhill County: My Destination” By Captain Colin Armstrong 

Sum.  “Meadow Lake” By Nancy Thornton 



Jan.  “The Community of Pike”  By Nancy Thornton

Feb.  “The Community of Rex Oregon” By Nancy Thornton

Mar.   “The Wortman Family”

Apr.   “YCHS’s Sesquicentennial Event”

May  “William C. Goodrich” By Nancy Thornton

Nov.   “Remembering WWII” By Lester Herring


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