Sarah Miller has been fascinated by history her whole life. She has been involved with Y.C.H.S. for the last seven years and is in her sixth and last year on the Board of Directors.

She has also been involved in the Activities and Events Committee for as long as she has been with Y.C.H.S. She plans on continuing to be on the committee after her term is completed.

Sarah lives in Newberg with her husband of 22 years with their three cats.

She has a Bachelors of Arts in Communications: Theater Arts from George Fox University.

When not involved with Y.C.H.S., Sarah is President of the Yamhill County branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism,

a non profit education organization focused on recreating pre 17th Century.  (The Shire of Mountain Edge is the name of the branch).

In the SCA, she is involved in many activities including heraldry, court ceremonies, and heavy armored combat. Sarah is also a potter, a quilter, and dabbles in a variety of writing styles.