The idea was first floated three years ago that the Antique Dempster windmill owned by YCHS would make a great sign along Highway 18 to let the driving public know what YCHS was doing. Then Treasurer Lewis put together a small model of what it would look like. Waldo Farnham, a long time member of the Heritage Center Operations Committee, went to work finding out about large video screen displays. In the meantime enough funds were raised to have the working parts of the windmill rebuilt to withstand our sometimes heavy winds. Vince Haworth arranged for all the engineering so the windmill and sign could withstand 100 mile an hour winds. Once the windmill was brought up to standard, it was taken apart by the machine shop that did the work so that it could be shipped to the Heritage Center. The Restoration Shop volunteer crew, including Dale Turner, Chuck Kadell, Dan Bonifeld, Al Stankey and others put it back together. With the mill ready and the signs being built, Waldo Farnham went to work. Waldo hauled the heavy metal tower to get it galvanized. He then brought it back to the Heritage Center so it could be put together. Waldo then prepared the site, organized the construction of the concrete base and generally was the ram rod that brought everything together to make the placement of the sign possible. There were other hands involved of course that aren’t mentioned here and our thanks go to them as well. We certainly thank all the donors that made all of this possible. We have had great comments about the sign and look forward to informing the public about YCHS activities.