The Mission of Yamhill County Historical Society is to protect, preserve and share the history and heritage of Yamhill County, Oregon.

Mission Statement

The Yamhill County Historical Society (YCHS) is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit educational and public service organization engaged to protect, preserve and share the history and heritage of Yamhill County.

Vision Statement

YCHS provides residents of surrounding communities the opportunity to play an enthusiastic and informed role in activities that result in an appreciation of local history and an on-going dialog about current issues.


The Yamhill County Historical Society has adopted the following values to provide a sense of common direction for its Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers and Interns as the Society carries out its mission and vision:


We value our commitment to the citizens of Yamhill County and our donors through the preservation of their stories and their treasures.


We strive to exceed the standards for preserving the stories and treasures of Yamhill County. We conduct our operations at the highest level of competence with pride in our accomplishments.


We are committed to a highly skilled, diverse and compassionate team that works in all areas of our Museum with donors, supporters, members, and visitors, as well as each other (volunteers, interns and staff).

We foster a culture of respect, equal opportunity, innovation and accountability.

We encourage our team members to think about long-term commitment and the possibility of promotion from within our staff and volunteers.


We practice open, accurate and timely communication with our members, donors, staff, volunteers and interns.

We strive to seek continuous improvement in our programs and services by carefully listening to the concerns and input of everyone on the team.


We will ensure responsible stewardship of the human stories and the treasures entrusted to us for long-term care.

We will improve performance by using innovative technologies, best practices in artifacts care, and sound business principles.

Inter-Heritage Organization Relations

We consider the plans and interests of other history and heritage-related entities when making decisions.

Yamhill County Historical Society