Old Dundee Marion Brumbeck
Images of America: McMinnville  
Images of America: Newberg Tom Fuller and Christy Van Heukelem
Newberg: Stories from the Grubby End George Edmonston Jr
Schools of Old Yamhill Ruth Stoller
A Photographic History: Yamhill County The Newberg Graphic, YCHS
Old Yamhill: The Early History of its Towns and Cities Ruth Stoller
Song of Yamhill Gordon Zimmerman
A Heritage to Honor A Future to Fulfill: George Fox College 1891-1991 Ralph Beebe
Dayton Centennial 1880-1980 Dayton Centennial Commission
Some Dayton Chapters in the Oregon Story  
Dayton Historic Homes Walking Tour Dayton Historical Society
Wooden Sidewalks: Growing up in Western Oregon Ralph Macy
Reflections of Carlton: From Pioneer to Present; the Story of Carlton, Oregon Carlton Elementary Bicentennial Club
History of the McMinnville Public Library 100 Years: Carnegie to Modern Times Berniece M Owen
Spooks to Spirits Lafayette & McMinnville Volume One Tracy Ward
Courage to Endure (Sweedish in Yamhill Co) Martin Peterson
From Yamhill to Tillamook by Stagecoach the Most Awful Ride in the World a Brief History of the Trask Toll Road Ruth Stoller
Origins of Yamhill County Road Names Dan Linscheid
Lafayette “Athens of Oregon” John White
Dayton – Port city on the Yamhill John White
The Amish of Amity: Memories of Oregon’s Plain People ; with emphasis on the period 1895-1930 Martinus Crawley
A View of the Valley; Willamina, Oregon The Beginning 1843-1881 Charlene Brown
Brickburg: The Story of the Willamina Brick Plant Willamina, Oregon Charlene Brown
A view from Main Street : Willamina, Oregon 1880-1905 Charlene Brown
Tracks in time : the story of the local railroad Willamina, Oregon Charlene Brown
Centennial collection : Willamina, Oregon : 100 years– and then some Charlene Brown
Willamina’s Galavanting Galloping Goose Charlene Brown
Fancy work : unraveling the murder quilt Charlene Brown
Ma and Pa’s Memories and Other Recollections from History (Willamina) Charlene Brown
Linfield’s Hundred Years, a Centennial History of Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon Kenneth Holmes
Inspired Pragmatism: An Illustrated History of Linfield College Marvin Henberg
Bricks without straw: the story of Linfield College Jonas A. Jonasson
A Horseless Carriage Comes to Town Ralph Wortman
History of St James Parrish  
Roots, Mission, and Vision: The 125 year history of First baptist Church McMinnville, Oregon Dirks-Edmunds, Jane Clark
Settling the Land of Promise Jim Lockett, Reita Lockett
Tales from the Past: Pioneer Stories of the Lower Willamette Valley Jim Lockett, Reita Lockett
Pioneer history of McMinnville & Lafayette Jim Lockett
The Bungalow Aesthetic;the social implications of a nationwide phenomenon viewed from the perspective of a small town (McMinnville) Janice Williams Rutherford
Crops Through Time in Yamhill County Russ Karrow and Gloria Lutz
An Extensive Analysis of the Business and Economic Climate of McMinnville, Or 1895-1910 Brian Richardson
Lafayette Curse- Binder of Clippings YCHS
History of Kauer Farms- Developing Roots in Yamhill County Ray Kauer and Jim Lockett
Centennial of the Sheridan United Methodist Church 1875-1975  
City of Yamhill and Vicinity Yamhill Development Club
Phil Sheridan Country (Sheridan area)  
History Around the Corner: Some McMinnville Landmarks W. Ross Yates
Growing Up in Wheatland in the 1930s and 1940s  
History of Willamina and Some of it’s Early Settlers Danny and Maxine Endres
North Yamhill:A Short History of the Town of Yamhill, Yamhill Co. Phyllis Helen Stump
Yamhill County Churches: Scrapbook Vol. 1  
Yamhill County Churches: Scrapbook Vol. 2  
McMinnville Clippings and History Notes Mike Colvin?
A Century with Christ: Zion Lutheran Church, Newberg, Or 1894-1994  
Report on Jacob Mayer Masonic Lodge No. 108, Dayton, OR Oregon SHPO
Latino Community in Yamhill Co (Thesis) Nan Gilmore Nicklous
Advisory Design Guidelines Dayton, OR  
Masonville School District No. 13 1860-1940 Laurence Schreiber Lorenz
Bethel: Polk County, OR John E. Smith
Reed College Bulletin: Simeon Reed article  
Columbus School: From Then Until Now 1892-1977 Doug Walker & Jeff Wallace
Hutchcroft School Leonard Whitlow II
A Look at the Past: A Brief History of McMinnville and the Oregon Trail Adams School
Historic Photos: Wheatland School  
Columbus School: A History, 50th anniversary 1930-1980  
Cemeteries of Yamhill County Dean E. Armstrong & Michael J. Strom
Here Lie the Boys in Blue and Gray- American Civil War Soldiers in the Fiends & Fernwood Cemeteries in Newberg, OR Kathleen Hagarty
The Homes of the Hoover’s Ruth Dennis
The Union Block-A History (McMinnville) Ardis Hendricks
From Then Til Now: 1879-2015, Schooling in Newberg, Oregon Barbra Doyle
Springbrook Barbra Doyle
Fernwood Grange No. 770  
Amity United Methodist Church 1846-1996  
Amity United Methodist Church History  
Ballston 1880-1980  
If Oak Trees Could Talk “ Story of Ballston’s Old School in the Grove  
Amity-The City of Friendship: Local History, Business, Enterprise and Amity people in Review  
The Crook Book “Hot Biscuits and Scrambled Eggs” Laura S. Bones Crook
Booth/Branson Murder Locations Tour, Willamina May 13, 2014

Charlene Brown

First Baptist Church, Carlton, Oregon Centennial Celebration May 3, 1970  
History of the Union Baptist Church Neppie Lou Bell
Your Visit With Publishers Paper-Newberg Division  
West Chehalem Friends Church Celebrating 100 Years: 1909-2009  
My College Memories of Long Ago Daisy Newhouse Read
Minthorn House: Boyhood Home of Herbert C. Hoover  
Minthorn House: Boyhood Home of Herbert C. Hoover  
Yamhill County Landmarks June Yocom
Yamhill County 1843-1976 League of Women Voters of McMinnville, OR
The Swedes of Yamhill Martin Peterson
Know Your County “Yamhill” League of Women Voters of McMinnville, OR
Carlton, Oregon Carlton Commercial Club
Stroll Historic McMinnville McMinnville Downtown Association
Quotations Selected by McMinnville People and Friends Self Improvement Club, McMinnville
Visit Yamhill County 1843-1959 (Brochure)  
The McMinnville Story First National Bank of McMinnville
McMinnville, Oregon: Our Historic Built Environment (Brochure)  
McMinnville and Yamhill County (Brochure)  
McMinnville, OR: American Institute of Architects Team Report  
Studies in Oregon Ornithology No. 2: A guide to the bird notes of Grace McCormac French of Yamhill County, OR Range D. Bayer
Newberg-Dundee Bypass Tier 2 Draft Environmental Impact Statement  
Fort Yamhill: Preliminary Historical Archaeological Research concerning 1856-1866 Military Post  
Early History of Lafayette, OR Kolene Williams
75th Anniversary: St. James Church 1876-1951  
St. James Parrish 1876-1976  
100 years of Witnessing: The First Baptist Church, McMinnville, OR  
Lafayette Heritage Days 1878-1978 Souvenir Edition  
Springbrook: A Cooperative Community Then and Now Daisy Newhouse Read
Hillside Beginnings: As I Remember Reita Lockett
Golden Anniversary 1912-1962: McMinnville Lodge No. 1283 Elks Club  
75th Anniversary: McMinnville Elks 1912-1987  
Dream to Demolition: 95 years History of the Yamhill Locks  
Old Country School Reunion: July 30, 1978 Willamina, OR  
Soil survey of Yamhill Area, Oregon USDA
McMinnville: The First Hundred Years Provisional League of Women Voters of McMinnville
McMinnville: Into the Second Hundred Years League of Women Voters of McMinnville
Newberg Graphic: 50th Anniversary Progress Edition  
Newberg Enterprise: Progress edition  
Newberg Graphic: A Century to Remember 1889-1989  
Military History of Yamhill County J.C. Cooper
Newberg Centennial Plan  
Newberg Comprehensive Plan  
Yamhill County, OR: It’s Opportunists and It’s Advantages Yamhill County Development League
Historic Memories of the Yamhill Christian Church: Centennial Edition  
Yamhill United Methodist Church Anniversary